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The Recovery Place is a results oriented alcohol & drug rehab center

Alcoholism and drug addiction are reflections of intense physical and psychological pain for individuals and their loved ones.

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Our drug rehab center provides a homelike atmosphere with soothing clinician offices and comfortable group therapy rooms, allowing our clients to find areas of relaxation during the daunting treatment process. Learn more about our treatment facility here, or look at our photo gallery.

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Addiction treatment can drain an individual and make it difficult to maintain sobriety when returning home. Our drug free residence is adjacent to our drug rehab center giving our clients the comfort of going from treatment to a home-like environment without vigorous travel. Learn more here.

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Classified as a disease, recovery from addiction requires client centered addiction treatment to educate individuals about their own addiction and how to effectively combat its negative effects. It is incredibly important to find the right drug rehab center for you or your loved one to take the courageous steps towards addiction recovery.

The Recovery Place alcohol and drug rehab center provides active drug and alcohol treatment processes that are combined in a way that yields the most benefit to each individual.

Our alcohol and drug rehab center offers inpatient residential treatment followed by intensive outpatient programming to supplement long-term addiction recovery. Inpatient treatment at our drug rehab center includes:

  • Individual evaluation to structure a client-centered treatment plan specific to the individual’s unique battle with addiction.
  • Individual and group therapy sessions to maintain a personalized treatment plan while also incorporating peer education and support for the road ahead.
  • Medication management to address withdrawal and mental health symptoms.
  • Family incorporation throughout the treatment process to ensure that each individual affected by addiction has a strong understanding of the disease and how to prepare for the treatment and recovery process.
  • Life-skills management and relapse prevention planning to enhance the likelihood of long-term recovery and prepare the client for life outside the drug rehab center.

The Recovery Place alcohol and drug rehab team has demonstrated success in caring for thousands of individuals and their families struggling with addiction.

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 Our experienced and compassionate staff adheres to the highest national standards for safety and quality of care, while going above and beyond to see that each client is treated as part of our family. Tough love may be involved, but addiction recovery is always possible! The Recovery Place alcohol and drug rehab center has helped addicts and their families from all over the world and the United States:
Please explore our website to learn more about addiction care at The Recovery Place drug rehab center. We’re here to help.

My stay at The Recovery Place drug rehab center has been the most positive experience I have ever had. The treatment plans have been greatly beneficial to my recovery. The staff and clinicians have been kind, caring, and supportive. I am leaving here excited about starting my journey with knowledge and tools to use to continue to lead a happy positive, sober and clean lifestyle. Going to The Recovery Place was the best decision I have ever made.


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