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As drug and alcohol abuse continues to rise throughout the state of Minnesota, it brings light to the great need for alcohol and drug rehab for its residents.

The Recovery Place provided me with the tools and knowledge in preparation for my recovery. The staff here really cares about the patients and will go to any length to make your stay worth while. I was able to get to know myself on an intimate level which has made me realize the potential I have.

– Nicky, Minnesota

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, finding the right drug rehab facility is imperative to achieving long-term recovery. One thing to keep in mind while on your search is the right treatment facility may be outside your comfort zone.

As a matter of fact, removing yourself from the environment affiliated with your addiction is best for effective addiction treatment.

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Why chose a drug rehab facility outside of Minnesota?

Blue Cross Blue Shield InsuranceThe Recovery Place Drug Rehab Center Florida gladly accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, as well as a wide range of other insurance providers. We have addiction specialists standing by to answer any questions you may have and to help guide you through the insurance process.

struggling with addictionOftentimes there is an underlying psychiatric disorder accompanying the drug and alcohol addiction. We have structured the leading dual diagnosis program including, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and group therapy sessions with individuals suffering similar addictions and psychiatric symptoms.

"one size does not fit all", addiction programTraditional addiction program does not mean “one size fits all.” By incorporating individual evaluations, group therapy sessions, addiction and life-skills education, relapse prevention and family involvement; we work to create a treatment plan that allows you or your loved one the best opportunity at long-term recovery.

The Recovery Place is the best thing that has happened in my life. They helped give me a life, and restored the person I knew I was capable of being. They are not the kind of treatment center that breaks you down to build you up; they rather just get to the core of your issues and continue to build you up from there.

Brandi, Minnesota

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