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Three Strands Christian Addiction Program at The Recovery PlaceThree Strands is a truly differentiated treatment option for Christians in recovery. Whereas many Christian rehab programs are essentially a “track” within a standard treatment program that offers an occasional Celebrate Recovery group or transportation to a local church, Three Strands is a comprehensive, fully integrated faith-centered program.

Christian addiction rehabIn our Three Strands Christian addiction treatment program, you’ll participate in traditional drug rehab therapies, including educational groups, individual, group and family counseling, and relapse prevention planning, as well as:

  • Primary therapy groups five days a week, facilitated by a Christian addiction counselor
  • Christian support groups
  • Bible teachings focused on reestablishing or building faith to guide you throughout addiction recovery
  • The Christian 12 Steps integrated throughout the treatment process (for more on the Christian drug rehab 12 Steps, see our Christian 12 Steps videos)
  • Local church visits geared toward building relationships within a healthy Christian community and life skills to successfully transition back into society
  • Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ Shame Resilience Curriculum

Christian based support group for addiction treatmentIn addition to separate groups and programming, Three Strands has a dedicated staff, which includes our program director (a master’s level clinician, author and ordained minister), as well as a diverse clinical team made up of master’s level therapists, some of whom are able to provide therapy and services in Spanish and Haitian Creole.

While in our Christian addiction program you will build a strong support system within the Christian community. With frequent local church visits and involvement with Christian support groups, you will build a sense of faith and community to help facilitate long-term recovery.

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Clients and their families can also enhance their recovery with concurrent participation in respected and successful programs such as Celebrate Recovery, and local chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Active participation in these programs prior to leaving our Christian drug rehab program helps to create a safety net for clients throughout recovery.

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Who Is a Three Strands Client?

We honor and welcome Christian diversity. Our clients come from all different denominations, including individuals who are seeking but do not yet have a strong spiritual connection. Our Christian drug rehab program is open to anyone that wants to begin, continue or rekindle their faith as a guide for successful addiction recovery.

In an accepting, nurturing environment, you’ll be part of a community of people who are focused on getting better. We do not push spirituality on anyone. Instead, we create an invitation to come into a spiritual, sober way of life.

What Does ‘Three Strands’ Mean?

The name “Three Strands” represents many important concepts in faith, recovery and a healthy lifestyle. Whereas one thread alone is easy to break, three strands woven together create a strong cord that binds clients to recovery. Learn more about Three Strands

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