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Below the surface, alcohol and drug abuse is taking a heavy toll on your body. Alcohol and drug addiction sparks a vicious cycle of dependency and health issues, spiraling out of control and harming everyone in its path.

I came in here pretty sick and they made me comfortable. They helped with my anxiety and my cravings; and things got better.

– Jeffry

Medical cleanse with alcohol and drug detoxWhen an individual struggling with this devastating disease decides to rid their body of alcohol and drugs, the dependency their body has come accustomed to causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Drug and alcohol detox is the safest and best option to medically cleanse the individual’s body of any harmful substances.

Help for alcohol and drug addictionTrying to quit “cold turkey” is very dangerous as withdrawal symptoms vary and can be fatal if not treated under medical supervision. The Recovery Place drug rehab and alcohol treatment center provides the means for clients to undergo professional and safe drug and alcohol detox before embarking in the treatment process.

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