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Help for drug and alcohol addictionDrug addiction is not defined as a choice or a matter of will-power. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the American Medical Association (AMA), drug addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires proper treatment to achieve addiction recovery.

The Recovery Place is a premier drug rehab center that understands the difficulties in making the choice to seek treatment and the severe impact a drug addiction has on the entire family. We have structured a client-centered approach to care for those struggling with drug addiction.

The Recovery Place offered assistance in stopping my drug abuse, as well as, the therapy necessary to understand why I continually used in the first place. I came in broken, on my hands and knees, and left with hope, the tools necessary to stay clean, and a smile on my face.


We guide our clients through every part of the drug rehab process. Some members of our treatment team have successfully battled addiction themselves, and add an extra dimension of understanding for the client. Drug rehabilitation is invariably a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be tackled alone.

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Our comprehensive and individualized drug rehab program includes:
Care plans based on the individual needs of the client. This includes, individual therapy sessions to maintain a client-centered treatment modality and group therapy sessions to enhance communication skills and support throughout treatment and recovery. We tailor our drug rehabilitation treatment with additional services to help clients meet their own specific challenges and personal goals.

Prevent relapse by addiction treatmentWe keep our clients in a real and functional environment while going through drug rehab, not one that is far removed from daily life. This provides seamless transition into our sober living or a halfway house to ease each individual back into a productive and healthy lifestyle at home.

Addiction recovery with familyWe place a focus on addiction education and relapse prevention to building a strong foundation for our clients. Family is included every step of the way to ensure each client returns to a supportive household. For more information on our family programs please go here.

Although every program is individually structured after an initial evaluation from our educated, experienced and compassionate clinicians to fit the specific needs of each client, you can expect to undergo a variation of the following:

  • An individual counseling session once a week with a clinician best suited for your needs.
  • Primary group sessions three days a week with the group of individuals battling addiction most closely related to you. This builds a strong foundation upon exiting The Recovery Place, creating a lifelong support system of individuals going through the same journey.
  • A psycho-education group a few times a week to work on the underlying issues involved with the addiction. This can include psychological disorders like depression, PTSD, anxiety or bi-polar disease, and/or traumatic experiences affiliated with the individual’s drug abuse.
  • Food shopping once a week. This is one of the many personal responsibilities our clients have to build on the life-skills necessary to be successful upon reentering society.
  • Time to go to the gym throughout the week. Exercise is a crucial part in drug addiction treatment and regaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Time to relax and enjoy the southern Florida climate at the nearby beaches, visit a local church or participate in outside meetings to facilitate the traditional drug rehab treatment.

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