Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

The Recovery Place

The Recovery Place Drug rehab facilityDrug Rehab: Treatment must take a client-centered approach for the best chance at addiction recovery. The Recovery Place drug rehab programs utilize an individually based treatment process—drug addiction is not a “one size fits all” thing, its treatment shouldn’t be either. Read more about our Drug Rehab Programs.

Alcohol and Drug rehab group roomAlcohol Rehab: Alcohol addiction is a gradual disease. Seeking proper alcohol rehab gives the individual suffering from alcoholism the best chance at a life in addiction recovery. Our alcohol rehab programs structure treatment to fit each individuals unique battle with the disease. Read more about our Alcohol Rehab Programs.

Christian addiction rehabChristian Alcohol and Drug Rehab:
A structured guide like The Bible greatly enhances the path to recovery. Our Christian addiction programs utilize Bible based Christian counseling alongside traditional rehab to help achieve recovery from addiction. Read more about our Three Strands Christian Addictions Program.

Start your journey to addiction recoveryTraditional Rehabilitation:
Don’t be fooled by the word traditional. Although addiction treatment at The Recovery Place may follow a traditional treatment path, each program is structured with a client-centered approach. Read more about our Traditional Addictions Program.

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Increasing addiction and mental healthDual Diagnosis Treatment:
Struggling with addiction often goes in tandem with mental health disorders. To fully recover both the client’s mental health and addiction must be equally treated. Our dual diagnosis rehab programs assist individuals in recovering from both. Read more about our Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Family addiction treatments programsFamily Program: Addiction is a family disease! Recovery becomes more possible if everyone affected by the disease understands the addiction. Our family treatment programs take a client-centered approach that incorporates the family throughout the treatment process. Read more about our Family Program.

Therapeutic interventions may include:

  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Step-work
  • Coping skills
  • Individual counseling

  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Addictions education
  • Drug treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Other specific group and individual interventions as appropriate to the alcohol & drug treatment plan